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About Us

Thank you for visiting our Vegan Gift Basket Store!

We are Sadie and Maddie, sisters born 17 months apart.  We're close - in so many ways!  We recently purchased this business from our friend Rick who started WoahVeg.com when his college-age son noticed limited options for Vegan gift baskets. He thought it would be refreshing to find a value-oriented gift basket solution for Vegans and anyone looking for healthy snack options. His son Tristan helped design and taste test the products, so we know they meet high taste and snack standards.  That’s how Woahveg.com got started.

Tristen got older, Rick found other business interests and we saw a great opportunity.  We're always committed to healthy, local food and a lifestyle that supports sustainability and our planet.  Our Mom practically raised us at the local Farmers' Market -- OH, and those CSA bags!  We started with those in 2002 when we were still riding in car seats in Mom's backseat.  Each week we eagerly waited to see what was in each week's bag.  As we got older and began to eat on the run, "normal" food didn't taste good and made us feel bad (that would make Mom proud).  Buying this business from Rick seemed like a natural fit and a good way for us to help others looking for great-tasting vegan snacks to share, comfort and celebrate.

The Vegan lifestyle has tremendous benefits for our planet in the form of better treatment of animals, a healthy energetic body, and environmentally conscience attitude.

For those of you exploring the Vegan lifestyle and want to learn more, please check out our Vegan Links or start with a definition and background on Veganism at Wikipedia.

Thank you for visiting Woahveg.com!  Please let us know if there's anything you would like to see or purchase that's not available now.

All the best -

Sadie and Maddie